Creating jobs for America
RedhandIT  is a Program, Portfolio and Project Management consulting firm that builds process improvement strategies through effective IT Governance for Data Analytics, Systems Engineering, and Software Development. Our corporate strategy is to provide continuous education and mentoring for our consultants to empower them with solutions for both the technical and human challenges that our clients are facing in today’s IT market.

Our Corporate Principles & Vision
•​​  We must follow through and fulfill on all promises made to our clients
•  We must follow through and fulfill on all promises made to our employees
•  Our mentorship program must build our consultants to excel in solutions
•  Our products and services must transform our client environments
•  We must create job opportunities to help build our communities
“If we take care of our employees and provide them with opportunities for career and financial advancement, they will take care of our customers and exceed their expectations.”
RedhandIT was founded in 2011. Fed up with industry companies that over promise and under deliver to customers and to the employees that produce company profits, we set out to build a company that would operate under the corporate motto: